Friday, February 19, 2021


 Hi There! 

My name is not important but you can call me "The Dude".

I'm making this blog to not only document my journey towards a successful personal finance/wealth creation but also to share my learnings along the way.

I believe everyone is capable of having wealth through legitimate means and even with just using your salary.

That's why sharing what I've learned and currently learning not only helps me "review" and remember these concepts, but I can also help others achieve your goals financially.

So The Question is..

Am I a financial advisor? HELL NO.

I'm just someone like you, working as an employee and trying to take control of my finances and hopefully become financially free or rich or wealthy or whatever it is you want to call it haha

If you're still in school, I bet you can also learn from this blog. Especially in preparation of you going into the workforce.

But do take it with a grain of salt and do your own research as well. 

Tell me more about yourself..

I've been working in I.T for almost a decade now and even though the mainstream media make it like we have the highest paying job in the country, it's not always like that. Especially if you are just starting out in the industry.

I'm sure alot of you know this already and agrees with me, finding a job in the Philippines with a high starting salary is really hard to come by and would probably require experience to get a handsome salary.

But that's not relevant. Regardless of your industry and profession, you must understand that your salary is something YOU can control and Your salary is a stepping stone towards your financial goals.

Again, what I'll be sharing are tips and tricks I've done along the way that might help you achieve these things.

And how are we supposed to achieve this?

We'll begin with the most basic concepts and dive into financial instruments that will propel your wealth to new heights.

I am not a guru or what. I just want to share these things especially since I've been sharing the same things with my work colleagues, friends and family.

Oh and before you raise your eyebrows or be suspicious, I will never recruit you into networking schemes or whatever it is that you think I might offer.

We will only discuss LEGITIMATE financial instruments here.

So without further ado... Welcome to The Affluent Dude blog ☺️

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